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Our slogan is very important to us because most relationships, either personal or professional, fail due to lack of transparency. Our main concern is not to whom the emotional deposit on the interpersonal bank accounts goes to; we focus on getting a 100% transparency in the agreement.


Most people don’t get the necessary support on their careers during their active emotional lives and that’s why they give up on their goals and dreams. Our objective is that people get the necessary support in the personal, professional and business fields. Therefore, we have the qualified people, the tools and the system that provides us with that support at the right moment.


Every plan or project you decide to undertake needs clear, precise goals and the willingness to evolve, to go from point A to point B. You could be working on a project for years and the people guiding you be telling you it is great. However, the truth is that if in 6 months you have not evolved then you have not found your goal. DNF TEAM will help you to be successful in a 3 to 5 year period.

about us

Our Mission, Values and Projection

To develop a relationship with human beings in which our slogan Transparency, support and evolution gets stronger every day.
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We are an organization that believes 100% that Life wants the best for you. Consequently, we will always help you to have the best regardless of your decisions.
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To expand our organization locally, then go national and finally international. We intend that every human being could enjoy having all of our services in only one organization.
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We are an agency that right now counts with 10 agency contracts, more than 25 companies, and over 56 services in our portfolio.



We work with several services and products and it is worth highlighting investments because of the need of educating families, economically speaking.



In order to offer the necessary support to our agents, clients, and financial industry in general, D Nakama Faction decided to open its own online clothes shop.


Stock Exchange

We works in collaborations with several partners that show us how to use the information about currency exchange, forex, cryptocurrency & bitcoin.

Stock Exchange
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What do our partners and customers say?

My beginnings in this country were doing house keeping with 52 years after leaving behind a professional career as a doctor in Cuba. I continued to focus and venture into the financial industry obtaining the 214 life insurance license and I have now achieved success with the support of D_Nakama_Faction that has provided me with the support and systems for my evolution.

Miriam Fernandez

I used to not trust insurance, but the transparency of DNF Insurance encouraged me to enroll with them even though I did not know how long after I was diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to them I obtained a benefit in life that gave me economic peace during my recovery.

Jannett Cruz
Mother of family

A stable job for 29 years in the supermarket industry did not stop me from making the decision to quit my job and start a career in the insurance industry where I study, learn and obtain support from D_Nakama_Faction aiming at financial freedom .

Lisandra Garcia


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