We are D Nakama Faction.

The etymology of our name is very important to us. As a matter of fact, we always recommend our representatives to explain it in their presentations.
– We took the D letter after the manga series called One Piece in which it comes from Japanese mythology. In the series, there were certain characters with a D as a sort of middle name. These characters with D letters in their names shared some sort of close relationships. They were united by either the same discipline or destiny and shared the same determination. They also shared the same enemy, the celestial dragons. They all suffered the same kind of oppression either a regime, or cultural or just at a more personal level like a relationship or at work. However, they all also decided to take control over they lives.
NAKAMAS, these are people that met, got to know each other, became friends and eventually got to have a close relationship similar to that of a family. The kind of people you know you can trust through time. Even if you ever need a transplant, they are there for you.
-FACTION, a faction is a group of people united by the same ideas, goals, dreams, and interests. But to us it is more than that. To us it gives you a distinguished category like for example the White House faction.
FACTION, a faction is a group of people united by the same ideas, goals, dreams, and interests. But to us it is more than that. To us it gives you a distinguished category like for example the White House faction.

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What do we do?

Our mission, values and projection.


To develop a relationship with human beings in which our slogan Transparency, support and evolution gets stronger every day. To achieve an ambiance in which our clients understand their benefits and have access to all the services they might need. Moreover, last but not least, we aim at making our representatives feel they find here their life’s purpose and that here they can achieve an improvement at every level; business, professional and personal so that they would be proud of themselves in a near future.


We are an organization that believes 100% that Life wants the best for you. Consequently, we will always help you to have the best regardless of your decisions. We believe that in order to achieve greatness we need to be able to do great things. The way we chose to accomplish this is by inserting values to ourselves so we can transmit them to humankind more and more every day. In this way we believe we could make an impact in the people around us.

We believe that we all are capable of improvement. But first we need to educate our conscience on the idea that we can reprogram all we learnt in our childhood and when growing up. We must believe that the world is a 100% positivist and that’s why we married that person we loved or had that long desired child. But we are also sometimes susceptible to have a negative attitude due to unfortunate personal experiences.

We believe you, like so many others, can succeed in a professional career regardless of your age; either an 18 year old person or someone in their 70ish. We are the ones to make the decisions so we are 100% responsible for them. We help you to get you state license like 215, 214, 240, 440, 220 and we also help you to learn how to have a professional career with certificates on your name in the USA.

The most appealing value from our personal experience is that we will show you a business system that makes most “healthy” people, economically speaking, be chatting about this country on a Tuesday morning at a golf course enjoying life and making money. Most wealthy people in this country were born poor and after knowing the rules better kept by the rich, after applying and repeating them, with time they got financial success.

We have a training system from Tuesday to Saturday for new representatives. We have a leader team specialized in more than 10 different areas in the field of insurance in which all our clients will always have a special treatment with the correct information in any subject.


To expand our organization locally, then go national and finally international. We intend that every human being could enjoy having all the insurance services in only one organization.

We can make people develop and we can educate them in having general and specific objectives, short and long term goals and best of all, we want them to be able to identify their life’s purpose. We are definitely moved by the urge to make people learn basic concepts of being successful like:

-That everything in Life has a balance and if you work more than you gain, eventually you will earn more.
-That if you are a giver you will eventually end up by receiving.
-That if we do well in Life, it will reciprocate.
-That if we admire people, we will be also admired. And if we enjoy the process, we will enjoy the results.
-That it is not getting to the top what is important, it is the climb. And there will always be other mountains to climb.
-That there are only two options: to learn or to criticize.
-That there is the law of minimum effort and the law of double-urgency.
There are many other concepts. If we knew them all and could apply them, we would get an inevitable success.

We are moved by the understanding that the only way to make millions of dollars is by meaning well and helping people around us.

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Welcome to D Nakama Faction
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