DNF Dress Code and more

In order to offer the necessary support to our agents, clients, and financial industry in general, D Nakama Faction decided to open its own online clothes shop. The purpose of this service is to provide people in our organization and the rest of the industry, with easy and fast access to high-end workwear with best prices.


Licensed agents of FL 10%
Clients, employees or associates 15%
Agents, employees or license clients 25%

Company shop

D Nakama Faction has an online shop where you can find many of the products we use daily in our office, car, home, phone, etc. All products available here are branded by DNF. In addition, we offer other companies the chance to use us as suppliers including their own brands.


What do our clients say?

My beginnings in this country were doing house keeping with 52 years after leaving behind a professional career as a doctor in Cuba. I continued to focus and venture into the financial industry obtaining the 214 life insurance license and I have now achieved success with the support of D_Nakama_Faction that has provided me with the support and systems for my evolution.

Miriam Fernandez

I used to not trust insurance, but the transparency of DNF Insurance encouraged me to enroll with them even though I did not know how long after I was diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to them I obtained a benefit in life that gave me economic peace during my recovery.

Jannett Cruz
Mother of family

A stable job for 29 years in the supermarket industry did not stop me from making the decision to quit my job and start a career in the insurance industry where I study, learn and obtain support from D_Nakama_Faction aiming at financial freedom .

Lizandra Garcia
Glad to have you at D Nakama Faction
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