DNF Insurance

We are an agency that right now counts with 10 agency contracts, more than 25 companies, and over 56 services in our portfolio. We are focused on short and long term goals. We have a system for personal and professional development of every member of the organization. Our main objective is to expand locally first and then nationally and internationally. We are equipped with the tools necessary to duplicate each representative, to educate human behavior, to improve the making of decisions at the right moment, and most important, to make sure that the process be a pleasant one, either for the client or the representative.

We cover all insurance fields, national or international, individual or corporative. We also make sure that clients have a variety of appealing products available at one same table so they are provided with the service they deserve and they have a pleasant experience.

What can you get?

National Services
  • -Health
    • State:
      • -Obamacare
      • -Medicare
    • Private:
      • -Medical plans
      • -Private plans
  • -Life
    • Term
    • Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL)
    • Index Universal Life (IUL)
  • -Auto
  • -Complementary Insurance
    • Individual:
        • Hospital Wise
        • Hospital Confinement Direct
        • Fixed Indemnity Direct
        • Metal Gap
        • CIWise
        • Critical Illness Direct
        • Cancer Wise
        • Cirtical Accident Direct
        • Accident Companion
        • Accident Direct
        • ProtectFit Plus
        • Accident Disability Direct
        • Income Protection Direct
        • Prime DHV
        • PPO Dental
        • Premiere Vision
      • Term Life
      • Final Expenses
      • Discount Services
      • ID Theft Protection
      • Medical Assistance
    • Corporative
International Services
  • Health
  • Life
  • Travel

For more information see www.dnfinsurance.com

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What do our clients say?

I used to not trust insurance, but the transparency of DNF Insurance encouraged me to enroll with them even though I did not know how long after I was diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to them I obtained a benefit in life that gave me economic peace during my recovery.

Jannett Cruz
Mother of family
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