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We work with various services and products where it is worth highlighting the issue of investments due to the great need to educate families financially speaking, thinking mainly of the retirement of people, we have vehicles that work with various stock market indices such as the SP & 500 which are the 500 strongest companies in the US, the Nasdaq which is an index based on the 100 best technology companies and we also have the BARCLAYS index, which averages 16.54% (now in times of Coronavirus 14.3%) . This index guarantees your money in case the economy falls, with something called “Downside Protection”, where many people lose money in crisis and situations, in addition to being tax-free and having benefits in life in case of terminal illnesses, chronic, critical and even fatal.

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My beginnings in this country were doing house keeping with 52 years after leaving behind a professional career as a doctor in Cuba. I continued to focus and venture into the financial industry obtaining the 214 life insurance license and I have now achieved success with the support of D_Nakama_Faction that has provided me with the support and systems for my evolution.

Miriam Fernandez
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