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D Nakama Faction works in collaborations with several partners that show us how to use the information about currency exchange, forex, cryptocurrency & bitcoin.


Step 1: Receiving and Evaluating
Step 2: Analysis and Planning
Step 3: Making plans and Implementing them

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What do our clients say?

My beginnings in this country were doing house keeping with 52 years after leaving behind a professional career as a doctor in Cuba. I continued to focus and venture into the financial industry obtaining the 214 life insurance license and I have now achieved success with the support of D_Nakama_Faction that has provided me with the support and systems for my evolution.

Miriam Fernandez

I used to not trust insurance, but the transparency of DNF Insurance encouraged me to enroll with them even though I did not know how long after I was diagnosed with cancer. Thanks to them I obtained a benefit in life that gave me economic peace during my recovery.

Jannett Cruz
Mother of family

A stable job for 29 years in the supermarket industry did not stop me from making the decision to quit my job and start a career in the insurance industry where I study, learn and obtain support from D_Nakama_Faction aiming at financial freedom .

Lizandra Garcia
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